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Students Union

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No Extra Money Can Be Paid To The Union Or Any Other Societies Or Associations Under Any Circumstances As Per The Decision Of The G.B. Held On 10.06.93. All The Officers And Office Bearers Are To Note That They Should Prepare The Budget And Submit The Same To The Principal Before Spending Any Amount Of The Union/societies/associations. The Following Associations/societies Of Godavris Mahavidyalaya, Banpur Provide Scope For Cultural/academic Activities Of Students.


These Are Listed Below..............
1. The Students Union
2. The Cultural Association (H.S. Stream)
3. The Social Service Guild
4. The Day Scholars’ Association
5. The Athletic Association
6. The Dramatic Society
7. The Science Society
8. The Oriya Sahitya Sansad
9. The Seminar Activities
10. The Psychology Association
11. The Economics Association
12. The English Association
The Students’ Union


Election For The Students’ Union Is Held Once In An Academic Session After The Admissions Are Over Or As Directed By The Govt. The Students, Elect Office Bearers By Means Of Direct And Secret Ballot. Results Of Elections Are Announced By The Principal In The College Notice Board. Annual College Election Letter No.51083 Dt.15.09.2000 From Govt. Of Orissa, Dept. Of Higher Education On Election Of College Unions. In Order To Enforce Discipline, After Careful Consideration Govt. Have Been Pleased To Decide That Election Of The College Union And Other Societies/Associations Shall Be Held In All Govt. And Non-Govt. Colleges On Specified Dates And Time Table Announced By Govt. Hence Forward With Guidelines Stated Below.


1.A. The Students Contesting For Different Posts Can Not Put Hoardings And Posters. College Authority Shall Affix Hoardings At Conspicuous Places Indicating The Name Of The Candidates/posts For Which They Are Contesting. The Expenditure On This Account Shall Be Borne Out Of The College Union Fund.


B. Election Result Shall Be Published By The College Authority At A Conspicuous Place/notice Board Of The College.


C. Student Convicted By Any Court Of Law Can Not Contest The Election. D. A Student Who Does Not Have 50% Attendance In The Class, Can Not Contest For Any Post.


E. If Any Contesting Candidate Indulges In Violent Activities To Intimidate The Student To Vote For Him/her, He/she Shall Be Disqualified And His/her Candidature Shall Stand Cancelled.


(Memo No. 47127fdt.O6.09.2000 From Director, Higher Education, Orissa To All Govt. And Non-Govt. Colleges.)


2. Every Member Of The Union And Associations Has The Right To Vote. No Member Shall Give More Than One Vote For Each Office To Be Filled In.


3. Election Shall Be Conducted Once Only And Votes Recorded In Such Manner As The Principal Shall Determine From Time To Time.


4. A Candidate Getting The Largest Number Of Votes Shall Be Declared Elected. If Election Is Incomplete/a Post Lies Vacant For Any Reason The Principal Shall Nominate A Student On Merit Basis (as Per The Last Examination). A Post Means Any Office Bearer Or Representatives Of Union/association/societies. For Representative, Merit Will Be Considered From Among The Students Of The Same Class. For The Same Class, For Different Associations The Order Of Associations, The Notification Shall Be Maintained.


5. Recounting Of Votes Can Not Be Claimed By Any Candidate Under Any Circumstances.


6. In Case Of An Equal Of Votes Between Any Two Or More Candidates The Election Result Of The Successful Candidates Shall Be Determined By Lot.


7. The Different Portfolios For Which The Election Will Be Conducted Are




A. President Students’ Union : One
B. Vice-President Students’ Union : One
C. Secretary, Students’ Union : One
D. Asst. Secretary, Students’ Union : One
E. Class Representatives

(One From Each Class For Students’ Union) : Six

II.a. Secretary, Athletic Association : One


B. Asst Secretary, Athletic Association : One
C. Class Representatives (One From Each Class) : Six


III.a. Secretary, Dramatic Society : One


B. Asst. Secretary Dramatic Society : One
C. Class Representatives (one From Each Class) : Six

IV.a. Secretary, Day Scholars’ Association : One


B. Asst. Secretary, Day Scholars’ Association : One
C. Representatives (one From Each Class) : Six


V.a. Secretary, Common Room : One


B. Asst. Common Room : One


VI.a. Secretary, SSG : One

B. Asst. Secretary, SSG : One


VII.a. Secretary, Oriya Sahitya Sansad : One


B. Asst. Secretary, Oriya Sahitya Sansad : One


VIII. A. Secretary Science Society : One

B. Asst. Secretary Science Society : One
C. Class Representatives (One From Each Science Classes): Three




Office Bearers Are To Be Elected For Different Association In H.S. Stage (vide D.H.E. Letter No. Vs.18/89 (ii) 48966/14.09.89).


I. Secretary, H.S. Cultural Association : One
Ii. Secretary, Sports Association : One
Iii. Secretary, Dramatic Association : One
Iv. Secretary, Day Scholars Association : One
V. Secretary, Social Service Guild : One


7. Students Who Wish To Contest, Propose Or Second In The College Election Should Have Cleared Up Their College (in Case Of Boarders) Dues Up To The Month Of August Of The Same Year. Otherwise He/ She Will Be Debarred From Participating In The College Election.

8. While Submitting Nominating Forms, The Contestants Are To Enclose A No Dues (office) Clearance Certificates Of The Candidate And His/her Proposer And Seconder, In Case Of More Than One No Dues Clearance Certificate Are Required, The Candidates Are Advised To Attach Xerox Copies Of The Said No Dues Certificate.

9. One Student Can Not Propose Or Second For More Than One Candidate For The Same Post And No Student Can Contest For More Than One Post.

10. Every Student Should Be In Possession Of Fresh/renewed Valid Identity Card For The Session During The Entire Process Of Election.

11. Students Are Advised Not To Disfigure The Walls Of The College, Building Inside Or Outside. However, Posters And Banners Can Be Used Outside Boundary Walls Of The College. Disfiguring And Unfair Means Shall Be Seriously Viewed And Such Act (proved)leads To Cancellation Of The Candidature.

12. The Advisor Of Students Union Shall Act As The Election Officer.

13. Students Are At Liberty To Lodge Complaints, If Any Regarding Election Matters In Writing To The Advisor-cum-election Officer, Who Will Settle The Dispute After The Election Is Over.

14. Counting Of Votes Will Commence Iafter The Polling Is Over In The Same Booth At The Specified Time .

15. Once The Result Of The Election Is Published With The Signature Of The Principal, The Election Process Shall Be Treated As Completed.

16. Boarders Cannot Contest, Propose, Second And Cast Their Votes For Any Post For Day Scholars’ Association.

17. 2nd Year And 3rd. Year Science Students,3rd Year Arts Students Except Oriya Hons Students Of TDC Cannot Propose, Second And Cast Votes For Any Post Of Oriya Sahitya Sansad.

18. No Arts Students Of T.D.C. Can Contest, Propose, Second And Can Cast Their Votes For Any Post Of Science Society.

19. Timing Will Be As Per The College Office Watch For All Purpose Of Election.

20. The Office Bearers Of The College Union Assume Their Responsibility After They Take An Oath.

21. The Oath Will Be Administered By The Principal Or His Nominee On Such A Date And In Such A Manner As He May Think Fit.

22. The Decision Of The Principal In All Matters Will Be Final And Binding.




A. Soon After The Oath Taking Is Over, The Executive Committee Of The Union/other Associations Shall Chalk Out Their Respective Budgets And Submit The Same To The Principal For Approval Through Their Advisor/vice President Before Spending Any Amount Out Of Funds Of The Union Or Societies.


B. No Extra Money Can Be Paid To The Union Or Any Other Society Under Any Circumstances As Per The Decision Of The Governing Body Held On 10.06.93.


C. Advances Will Be Sanctioned Only On Recommendation Of The Advisors/ Vice-Presidents.


D. All Advances Should Be Settled Up Within Two Weeks From The Date Of Receipt.


E. Stock Registers In Respect Of Purchase Of Non-consumable Goods Should Be Maintained By The Concerned Secretaries Duly Counter-signed By Advisor/the Vice-president As The Case May Be No Clearance Certificate Shall Be Issued To The Concerned Secretary Unless He/ She Hands Over The Stock And Stock Register To The Advisor/concerned Vice-president.




There Shall Be The Students’ Union In The College For T.D.C. Students


1. Objectives


The Objectives Of The Union Are To Organise Discussion Of Purely Cultural, Academic, National And International Problems, To Organise Debates, To Invite Eminent Scholars To Address The Union Duely Approved By Principal And To Celebrate The Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Godavaris Jayanti And Sradha Ceremony Etc. In Consultation With The Principal.


2. Membership


A. Every Bonafied Student Of The Degree Class Is A Member Of The Union And Is Eligible For Election To Its Office For One Session And Ordinarily Not More Than Twice For The Same Office.


B. Any Student, Whose Name Is Struck Off From The College Rolls Shall Cease To Be A Member.


3. Students Union Fund


Annual Membership Fee Of Rs.25/- Will Be Collected From Each Member Of The Union At The Time Of Admission


4. The Executive Committee


The Following Elected/nominated (if Not Elected) Student Members Shall Constitute The Executive Committee Of The Students’ Union. :
A. The President
B. The Vice-President
C. The Secretary
D. The Assistant Secretary
E. Six Class Representative (Duly Elected One From Each Year Of T.D.C.Degree Arts And Science Classes)
F. One Girls’ Representative To Be Nominated By The Principal


5. The Advisor


A. There Shall Be An Advisor Of The Union, Who Is Nominated By The Principal From Among The Teaching Staff. The Principal May Nominate Associate Advisors To Assist The Advisor.


B. The Advisor Shall Be Present At The Meeting Of The Executive Committee And At The Ordinary Meetings Of The Union And Advise The President In Its Proceedings.


C. The Associates Will Assist The Advisor And Shall Discharge The Duties As Assigned.


D. The President May Consult Him For Interpretation Of Any Of The Rules. The Decisions Of The Advisor In Such Cases Will Be Binding.


6. The President


Any Bonafide Student Of T.D.C. Classes Is Eligible To Contest For The Presidentship Of The Union. The President Shall Preside Over All Ordinary Meetings Of The Union At Which He Is Present. He Shall Be Responsible For Maintaining Order And Interpreting The Rule. His Ruling Shall Be Considered Final Except Where The Advisor Gives A Ruling.


7. The Vice-President


The Vice-president Shall Assume All The Rights And Discharge All The Duties In The Absence Of The President.


8. The Secretary


Any Bonafide Student Of T.D.C.classes May Contest For The Secretaryship Of The Union. The Secretary Shall Arrange Debates, Give Notice For All Ordinary Meetings And Record The Minutes Of All Meetings Such As Annual, Ordinary Or Extraordinary. The Secretary Shall Be In-charge Of Accounts And Expenditure, But No Expenditure Shall Be Incurred Without The Approval Of The Advisor. The Advisor Shall Countersign All Vouchers. Requisition For Expenditure Should Be Passed Through The Advisor.


The Secretary Shall Be Custodian Of The Union Office And He Shall Be Responsible For All The Articles Received By Him For The Use In Union Office.


9. The Assistant Secretary


The Asst. Secretary Shall Assist The Secretary In The Discharge Of His Duties And In The Absence Of Secretary Perform All His Functions.


10. The Functions Of Executive Committee


A. I. To Prepare The Union Budget


Ii. To Chalk Out The Programme Of The Union Activities For The Session


Iii. To Undertake Such Other Activities As Are Consistent With The Objectives Of The Union In Accordance With The Constitution And With Approval Of The Principal.


Iv. To Desist Such Activities Which Hamper The Academic Atmosphere Of The Institution.


B. To Arrange Meetings Of Union As Per The Procedure


11. Meetings


I. An Ordinary Meeting Of The Executive Committee May Be Called By The Secretary In Consultation With The President And The Advisor. Notice Of Such A Meeting With Date, Time, Place And Agenda Shall Be Given To Members At Least 48 Hours Prior To The Meeting.


Ii. An Extraordinary Meeting Of The Executive Committee Can Be Convened At Any Time By The Principal.


Iii. A Meeting Of The Executive Committee Shall Be Presided Over By The President Or In His Absence By The Vice-president Or In The Absence Of The Both By Any Member Of The Committee Elected At The Meeting Under The Supervision Of The Advisor. No Meeting Of The Executive Committee Can Be Conducted Without The Advisor. Fifty Percent Of The Members Of Executive Committee (Five Members) Shall Constitute The Quorum Excluding The President. The Meeting Of The Union Shall Be Open To All The Members Of The Staff. If They So Desire, They Can Take Part In The Proceedings Of The Meeting.


Annual Meeting


After The Election Is Over, There Shall Be A Meeting Of The Union To Be Called By The Principal Wherein.


A. The Newly Elected Office Bearers Will Assume Office.


B. The New Members Of The Union Will Be Welcomed.


C. The Amendments To The Existing Constitution, If Any, May Be Moved In The General Body Meeting. The Principal Or His Nominee Will Preside The Said Meeting.


D. Previous Year’s Audited Accounts May Be Presented In The First Meeting Of Union.


An Ordinary Meeting Of The Union
Executive Committee Meeting Shall Ordinarily Take Place At Least Once In Two Months.
No Ordinary Meetings Of The Union Shall Last For More Than One And Half An Hours.


The Procedure Of Meeting


At The Commencement Of The Meeting, The Secretary Shall Read Out The Minutes Of The Last Meeting Of The Union (if Held). The Minutes Shall Be Confirmed And To Be Signed By The President. Every Speech Shall Be Relevant To The Debate And Discussion. No Personal Reflection Shall Be Made In The Course Of Discussion. A Motion Moved By A Member Must Be Seconded And Then Only It May Be Put Up For Debate. No Member Other Than The Mover Of The Motion Shall Speak More Than Once. At The End, The Mover May Reply To The Debate. The President (if He Desires) May Take Part In The Debate. In Case Of A Tie In The Motion, The President Shall Cast A Vote. After A Reply Of The Mover Of The Original Motion, The Amendment If Any, Shall First Be Put To Vote. If The Amendment Is Lost, The Original Shall Be Put The Vote. If The Amendment Is Carried, The Motion As Amended Shall Be Put To Vote. All Questions In The Debate Shall Be Determined By Majority Of Votes Of Members, Present.


Point Of Order


The Advisor, The Associate Advisors Or Any Member May Call The Attention Of The President Of The Meeting To A Point Of Order Even When, While A Member Is Speaking. But No Speech Shall Be Made On Such Point Of Order. The President Of The Meeting May Call A Member To Order. If A Member Disobeys Or Disregards By Order Or Ruling, He/she May Be Asked To Vacate The Meeting. If Necessary The Meeting May Be Prolonged Or Dissolved. The Decision Of The Principal Shall Be Final In All Matters Relating To The Union.


Vacancies In Executive Committee


A. The Office Bearers Shall Hold Office For The Entire Session From The Time Of Taking Over Charges Till The End Of Session As Under Article 13(c) Or Till Pays Examination Fees, Which Ever Is Earlier, Unless They Cease To Be Members Of Union Voluntarily Resign In Writing Addressed To The Principal Or Are Removed As Provided In Article 13(b) Of This Constitution.


B. An Office Bearer Who Fails Properly To Discharge Of His Duties Can Be Removed By A Vote Of No-confidence Passed By 3/4th Of The Members Of The Union Present And Voting At An Extra-ordinary Meeting Held For The Purpose.


C. Under No Circumstances, The Office Bearers Shall Hold The Office After One Month Of Valedictory Function Or One Month Before The College Closes For Summer Vacation, Whichever Is Earlier And They Must Hand Over The Charges On Or Before A Date Notified By The Principal, Failing Which Disciplinary Action As Deem Fit Shall Be Taken By The Principal.


Cultural Association (for H.S. Students Only)
Objective :

The Objective Of Cultural Association Is Primarily Cultural In Value. It Aims At Stimulating The Interest Of The H.S. Students In Intellectual And Academic Activities By Holding Debates, Discussions Competitions Etc.


Membership :


I. Every Bonafide Student Of H.S. Classes Shall Be Its Members And Shall Have The Right To Contest And Cast Hi/her Votes In Its Election To Various Posts.


Ii. The Meeting Of The Association Shall Be Open To All The Members Of The Teaching Staff Without Right To Vote.


The Executive Committee Of The Association Shall Constitute The Following Members


I. President (Ex-officio ) : Principal


Ii. Advisor : Nominee Of The Principal From Among The Teaching Staff. The Principal May Appoint Co-advisors To Assist The Advisor.


Iii. Secretary : To Be Elected


Iv. Class Representative: To Be Elected From The Students Of H.S. Classes


V. Girl’s Representative: To Be Nominated By The Principal.


The Advisor Shall Preside Over All The Meetings Of The Executive Committee And Give Useful Suggestions. Meeting Unattended By Advisor Or Co-Advisors Will Not Be Taken Into Records.


The Articles, Namely 8,9,10 And 13 Are Also Applicable For Cultural Association.


The Social Service Guild


Applicants For SSG Aid Should Be Submitted To The Principal In The Prescribed Form To Be Obtained From The College Office. Applicants May Be Required To Appear At An Interview For The Purpose. Poverty And Merit Are Taken Into Consideration For These Awards.


I. The Aims And Objectives Are To Render All Types Of Social Service As Follows


A. To Grant Stipends To The Needy Deserving Students.


B. To Form A Volunteer Corps In The Town For Rendering Help To The Sick, Destitute And Flood-stricken People.


C. To Arrange Lectures By Eminent Persons For The Benefit Of The Students’ Community.


D. To Educate People In Rural Areas Regarding The Prevention Of AIDS, Hepatitis, Polio, Cholera, Small Pox, Malaria And Such Epidemics.


II. Finance


A. Each Student Of The Degree Classes Contributes Annual Subscription Rs.6.00 Only.


B. Members Of The College Staff May Make Voluntary Annual Contributions.


C. High Officials And Well-to-do Public Men Are Occasionally Approached To Make Donation To The Fund.


D. The Beneficiaries Of The Guild Fund Are Expected To Return The Money They Had Received After They Are Settled In Life And They Should Sign And Undertaking To That Effect.


III. Working Committee


The Principal As Ex-officio President Controls The Fund. The Vice-president Nominated By The Principal, May Work As Treasurer. The Associated Vice-presidents Are Nominated By The Principal From Among The Members Of The Staff And One Member Nominated By The Principal From Among The Students Of The College. Their Duties Will Include The Realisation Of Loans From The Beneficiaries.


IV. Poor And Deserving Students Of The College Receive Help For A Period Of Nine Months During A Session Ordinarily From August To April.


V. Article 13 Of Union Is Applicable Here. The Principal Shall Be The Final Authority In All Matters Relating To The Guild.


The Day Scholars Association


The Aims And Objectives Of The Godavaris Mahavidyalaya Day Scholars Association Are To Take Up Such Activities As Will Foster The Spirit Of Fellowship And Co-operation Among All The Day Scholars Of The College. All The Bonafide Students Of The Degree And H.S. Classes Are Its Members. These Associations Will Be Named As Follows :


The Day Scholars’ Association (T.D.C.)


The Day Scholars’ Association (H.S.)


Each Member Of The Associations Shall Pay Annual Subscription Of Rs.5.00 Only.


Read 6.2. Of Chapter 6 For Procedure Of Accounting. President: Principal (Ex-officio) Controls The Fund.


Vice-President : Nominated By The Principal


A Secretary And An Assistant Secretary Will Be Elected By All The Day Scholars Of The College For Their Respective Associations. There Will Be Class Representatives To Be Elected From Different Classes Of The College For Their Respective Associations.




The Secretary With The Approval Of The Vice-president Shall Organise All The Functions Of The Association.


The Assistant Secretary Shall Assist The Secretary In The Discharge Of His Duties And In His Absence, Perform All His Functions.


The Executive Committee Will Draw Up A Budget In The Beginning Of The Session And Submit It To The Principal For Approval.


(Occasions Like Ganesh Puja Or Any Other Functions To Be Held Before Election For The Students’ Union In A Session Shall Be Organised By A Responsible Teacher Who Will Be Nominated By The Principal)


Article 13 Of Union Is Applicable.The Principal Shall Be The Final Authority In All Matters Relating To The Associations.The Above Rules Are Applicable To Both The DSAs Of T.D.C. & H.S.


The Dramatic Society/Association


Aims And Objectives The Society/association Are To Encourage The Cultivation Of Dramatic Art Among The Members By Arranging Theatrical Performance In The College. All The Bonafide Students Of Degree And H.S. Classes Are Its Members. The Society/association Will Be Named As Follows:


T.D.C. Dramatic Society


H.S. Dramatic Association


Each Member Of The Association/society Shall Pay Annual Subscription Of Rs.8/- To Their Respective Society/association.


Read 6.2 Of Chapter 6 For Procedure Of Accounting.


The President : Principal (Ex-officio)


The Vice-president : Nominated By The Principal


The Secretary And The Assistant Secretary Are Elected By All The Students Of The College From Among Themselves. Student Representatives Are To Be Elected (one From Each Class Of The College)




The Executive Committee Decides Which Drama Will Be Staged During A Particular Year.


It Prepares And Passes The Budget For The Year And Audits The Expenditure. In Connection With The Drama After Its Performance.


It Sanction Amounts For Purchase Of Property Or For Upkeep,repair Or Replacement Of Articles Already Purchased.It Awards Prizes To Best Artists In The Dramatic Performance. Article 13 Of Union Is Applicable.


The Secretary Shall Convene Meetings And Keep The Record Of The Proceedings Of The Society.


The Principal May Alter/amend Or Abrogate Any Of All These Rules At His Discretion. The Above Rules Are Applied To Both The Societies(T.D.C. & H.S.)


The Athletic Association / The Sports Association


Aims And Objectives


To Encourage The Sports And Games Activities Among The Students.


To Develop Sportsmanship And Discipline Among The Students.


To Conduct Annual Athletic Meet Every Year


The Membership Of The Athletic Association Shall Consist Of The Members Of The Staff And Students Of Degree Class With The Principal As Ex-officio President.


Every Student Shall Pay To The Association A Subscription Of Rs.20/- Annually.


Read 6.2. Of Chapter 6 For Procedure Of Accounting.


The Executive Committee Constitute The Following.


The President: Principal (Ex-officio )


The Vice-president : Nominated By The Principal


The Secretary And The Asst. Secretary To Be Elected From Among The Students Of The College. Captains Of All Organised Outdoor Games As Provided In The College. One Girls’ Representative To Be Elected From Among The Students Of The College.


Physical Education Teacher (PET) Of The College (Ex-officio) Member. He Will Be Responsible For Conducting Games And Sports In The Field And Shall Maintain The Stock And Store Of The Items Purchased. He Is To Face The Audit. The Principal And The Vice-president Will Select The Captains For All The Outdoor Games Provided In The College. The Secretary Can Not Act As The Captain For Any Game. The Captain Shall Remain Present Regularly In The Games. In Case He Remains Absent Continuously For A Fortnight Without Assigning Any Reason He Will Cease To Continue As A Captain.


The Executive Committee Will Prepare And Pass Budget. It Shall Aim At Promoting Athletic Activities Among The Students And Organise Annual Athletic Meet Every Year.


The Vice-president Shall Remain In-charge Of Accounts. Purchase Of Sports Material And Act As A Superintendent Of All The Games.


The Secretary Will Convene All The Meetings, Prepare Annual Report And Act According To The Instruction Of The Vice-president. He Will Maintain The Accounts.


The Asst. Secretary Will Assist And Carry These Functions In The Absence Of The Secretary.


The P.E.T. Will Select Players For Friendly And Competitive Motive And Organise College Games.


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