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Rule & Regulations

Rule & Regulations      Uniform


Certain Guidelines Help The Students To Know Their Duties And Responsibilities During Their Tenure In An Institution. Their Conduct, Behaviour And Attitude Are Governed Accordingly. In This Respect These Few Guidelines Will Help Our Students To Lead A Disciplined Life Making Them Fit For Becoming The Respectable Citizens Of The Country In Future.




College Uniform (TDC)


General Span


I. Spitting On The Walls, Floors, Pillars Or Door Of The College Is Strictly Prohibited.


Ii. Students Should Not Loiter On The Veranda, When They Have No Classes To Attend. They Should Not Disturb The Other Classes.


Iii. Students Are Warned Against Handling Bicycles Or Other Vehicles Which Are Not Their Own.


Iv. Misbehaviour Of College Students At Football, Volleyball, Cricket Or Other Matches Will Be Regarded As A Breach Of College Discipline.


V. Students Shall Not Leave The Hall Or Room In The Midst Or Any Of The College Meetings Unless It Is Absolutely Necessary.


Vi. Students Should Stand In Queue While Waiting For Payment Of Their Tuition Fees Or For Any Other Purpose.


Vii. Students Are Warned Against Tampering With The Light And Fan Switches.


Viii. Scribbling, Pasting Placards, Posters And Other Papers Or Her Wise Disfiguring College Walls Or Paths Is Strictly Prohibited.


Ix. Students Are Advised To Meet The Principal After Obtaining His Permission Only In Urgent Cases.


X. Students Should Not Ordinarily Enter The College Office.


Xi. All Applications Of Grievances Should Be Handed Over To The Head Clerk Of The College Who Will Put Up Them To The Principal. The Principal Does Not Receive Applications From The Students Directly.


Xii. No Club Or Society Should Be Started Or Maintained In The College And No Function Should Be Organised Without The Approval Of The Principal.


Xiii. Students Must Abide By Such Hygienic Principles And Submit Themselves To Such Anti Epidemic Measures As Would Be Laid Down By The Principal From Time To Time.

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