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College Library


Godavaris Mahavidyalaya Library Contains Text Books And Other Books Of Importance. The Staff, Students And Other Persons Specially Permitted By The Principal May Use The Library Books. The Library Remains Open From 10 A.m. To 4.30 P.m. During All The Working Days And Closed On Sundays And Other Holidays. Persons Of Unsound Mind And Dirty Dress Are Not Allowed To The Library.


Common Rules For The Borrowers


I. No Book Should Be Taken Out Of The Library Without The Knowledge Of The Librarian Unless It Has Been Entered In The Issue Register And The Entry Attested By The Borrower.


II. Each Borrower Must Examine The Condition Of The Book Before It Is Issued. Otherwise In Case Of Mutilation Discovered Later, The Presumption Will Be Against The Borrower.


III. Books Should Be Returned Within The Period Allowed To A Borrower.


IV. When The Date For Return Of A Book Falls On An Authorised Holiday It Should Be Returned To The Library On The Opening Day Of The College After The Holiday


V. All The Library Books Which Are In Possession Of Borrowers Should Be Returned To The Library Before The College Closes For A Long Vacation On Or Before The Date Notified For The Purpose


VI. The Library Book Should Be Returned Immediately Whenever A Student Receives A Requisition Notice To Return The Book From The Librarian.


VII. Books Should Be Returned To The Librarian And Not To Anybody Else.


VIII. No Marginal Or Other Notes Or Markings Shall Be Made In The Library Books, Nor Shall Any Pictures Or Pages Be Removed Or Turned Or Otherwise Disfigured.


IX. Strict Silence Is To Be Observed Inside The Library.


X. Spitting, Smoking, Sleeping Inside The Library Is Strictly Prohibited.


XI. The Librarian Will Report To The Principal About The Persons Responsible For Improper Use Of Library Books.


XII. A Borrower Against Whom Any Overdue Or Other Charge Is Outstanding Shall Not Be Allowed To Borrow Books From The Library.


XIII. If Any Borrower Keeps The Books In His/her Possession For More Than The Time Allowed For The Purpose No More Books Will Be Issued To Him/her Until The Books Concerned Restored To The Library.


XIV. The Following Table Shows The Maximum Number Of Books That May Be Issued And Maximum Time Permitted To Keep The Books For Various Classes Of Borrowers.

Class Of Borrowers

No. Of Books

Time Allowed

Members Of The Teaching Staff


30 Days

Members Of The Teaching Staff For Honours Classes


30 Days

Demonstrators, Librarian, G.B. Member


30 Days

Student H.S.


7 Days



7 Days



7 Days



7 Days

XV. The Books Are To Be Returned By The Students Before 11 A.m. On The Day Of The Issue Date Along With The Library Cards And Demand Slips.


XVI. The Books Cannot Be Issued To Students Before 2.30 P.m. On Every Working Day.


XVII. A Book Once Issued To A Borrower May Be Reissued To Him Only When No Body Wants To Take The Book. Books Before Reissue Should Be Presented Before The Librarian For Necessary Entries In The Register.


XVIII. Books Of Reference, Rare Text Books, Current Issues Of Periodicals, Courses Of Studies Shall Not Be Issued For Use At Home Without The Special Permission Of The Principal.


XIX. Any Book Found Damaged Or Defaced By A Borrower Must Be Replaced By Him. If The Book Is Rarely Available And Not Replaceable, The Borrower Must Pay An Amount Up To Maximum Of Triple The Catalogue Price Of The Book.


XX. In Those Cases Where The Price Of Lost Books Cannot Be Ascertained The Borrower Should Pay Ten Times The Cost Of The Book Or The Amount As Compensation Fixed By The Principal Whichever Is More.


Text Book Library Scheme & Book Bank


Godavaris Mahavidyalaya Library Has Got A Separate Branch Which Is Known As Text Book Library. As Per The Recent Circular Of The Govt. Of Orissa The Book Bank Is Also Opened Here.


I. Books From The Text Book Library Will Be Issued To Poor Students Of The College Whose Parent’s Income Does Not Exceed Rs.2,000/- Per Annum On Application By The Candidate. All Such Applications Will Be Considered By A Board Consisting Of The Principal, Some Members Of The Teaching Staff Appointed By The Principal.


Ii. Students Desirous Of Borrowing Books From The Library Will Have To Deposit 10% If The Cost Of Book If Less Than Rs.10/- And 20% If The Cost Of Book Is More Than Rs.10/-.


Iii. An Issue Register Will Be Maintained For The Book Lent In Which Borrowers Shall Sign On Receipt Of The Books.

Iv. There Shall Be A Stock Register And A Receipt Book For Money Paid By The Students And Normally, The Librarian Will Issue The Money Receipt To The Students.


V. Money Received On Any Day By The Librarian Shall Be Deposited Within Days Of The Cash Collection In The College Office And Receipts For Such Deposits Will Be Obtained And Kept In The Text Book Library File.


Vi. Final Year Students (T.D.C., H.S.) Will Have To Return The Books To The Library And Book Bank And Obtain Clearance At The Time Of Filling Up Their Forms For The University And CHSE Examination.


Vii. Students Having No University Examination Have To Refund The Books After Annual Examination And Those Books May Again Be Issued To Them For The Next Session After Collection Of The Necessary Amount From Them.


Viii. Books Should Be Returned In Good Condition, Books Lost Or Damaged Will Have To Be Replaced By The Price Of The Books Deposited With The Librarian And A Clearance Certificate Should Be Obtained From Him.


Ix. The Amount Received At Par With Full Price Of The Books Will Be Utilised For The Purchase Of New Books For The Textbook Library.


X. Notwithstanding Anything Said Above, The Librarian, Reserves The Right To Recall, Withdraw Any Book Issued At Any Time At Short Notice In Consultation With The Principal. In All Matters Pertaining To Working Of The Text Book Library The Decision Of The Principal Shall Be Final.


Lending Library


I. The Textbook Lending Library Has Been Started In The College To Lend Text Books To The Poor And Deserving Students.


Ii. The Borrower Shall Have To Pay One-fifth Of The Price Of The Book Before The Book Is Issued To Them.


Iii. The Borrower Of The Book Will Be Held Responsible For Any Damage Or Distortion Of The Book, In Case The Book Is Lost He May Either Be Asked To Replace The Book Or Pay The Price Of The Book With Or Without Penalty As The Authority Decide To Be Fit.


Iv. The Students Shall Have To Return The Books To The Lending Library Before The Admit Cards For The University Examination Are Issued To Them. In Case The Borrower Fails To Fill Up The Form, He Has To Return The Books Immediately. The Other Students Shall Have To Return The Books Soon After Their Annual Examination Is Over And With Fresh Application Those Books May Be Reissued.


V. At The Beginning Of The Academic Session A Notice Will Be Given Inviting Applications From The Intending Borrowers.

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